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Global Real Estate Asset Management

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What We Offer

Investment Citizenship Services That Help You Go & Grow All Over The World

We have all the tools to take your local presence to a whole New level. We do this by introducing you to a whole New growth experience through the medium of a whole New country.

Global Residency & Citizenship Consulting

Explore New opportunities & possibilities on lands lesser known to you and make the most of it while you’re at it.

Global Real Estate Investment Consulting

Manage your assets in ways that not only yield the best returns, but also give you a chance to achieve much more, this time on a global scale.

Allied Financial, Legal & Research Services

Take along a great driver for your New ride and never worry about bumping into hurdles or taking another wrong turn anymore.

Who We Are

Global Residency & Citizenship Specialists You can count on

Swap Citizen has been built from the ground up not just by our team, but also by our beliefs, that define us better than anything.


Driven By Smiles,

Powered By Action.

“Indian Company, Global Resources.”

I was looking for some opportunities to invest in Europe. Swap Citizen helped me with just the right resources.

“Quick, Reliable & Hassle-free Service.”

Impressed with their service standards, and specially their ‘3-C’ Consulting Process. From start to finish, they showed excellent work ethics.

“Competent & Competitive.”

The team at Swap Citizen is well-equipped, well-informed and always up for a challenge. You get complete value for your money.

“Two Words. Simply Great.”

This was my first time trying to get global with my investment. They made it effortless for me. Would definitely recommend them.”

How It Works

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step Here.

Our endeavour is to make things as simple & hassle-free for you as we best can. Our 3-Tier ‘Con’sulting process is a testimony of that.

Looking For Help?

We’re here to do just that and lots more. If you’re sure about the kind of help you need, please feel free to get in touch with us with your requirements and we’ll do our best to help you with them.