How It Works

Get Started

You have the Goal. We have the plan.
That’s it. We need nothing more.

Our 3-Tier Consulting Process

Simple. Productive. Effortless.

Our ‘3-Con’ Consulting Process is here to make your life simpler. It is an absolute no-brainer and allows us to do the hard work for you. You are only required to do two things – Think of a Consulting Goal for us and; Share that with us.
That’s it! We manage the rest, while assured you rest.

The Connection

Phase 1

  1. You get in touch.
  2. We assign you a Service Specialist.
  3. He understands your requirement(s) & collects all necessary details.
  4. That’s it, you’re done here. Now, you wait while we do the hard work for you.

The Consultation

Phase 2

  1. The Service Specialist coordinates internally & gets experts onboard to work on your case.
  2. They evaluate & compile a list of most viable solutions for your requirement(s).
  3. These are then discussed with you to approve the final course of action.

The Conclusion

Phase 3

  1. Based on the final selection, all Documentation & Legal work is completed.
  2. Paperwork & application is filed with the concerned Country & Programme Authorities.
  3. Application is closely tracked & you’re prepared for the Final Review.

Need Help? Just Reach Out. Let Us Do The Rest.

We’ll have the most complicated things broken down and made simple for you. Because that’s what we love doing. If you have anything like that in mind, you might as well just test our word for it.