Why Invest in Greece?

Investment Residency in Greece

Apart from its scenic beauty and a rich history, find out what makes Greece a favourable investment destination.

Investment Attractions in Greece

Investment Residency, Citizenship & So Much More

While there’s already so much to love about Greece, with its iconic culture & historic attractions, its Investment Residency & Citizenship programme stands out as a noteworthy addition.

The Most Economic Investment Residency In Europe

Golden Citizenship & Residency in Greece comes with a 5 year Visa and offers:

  • Family i.e. Parents, Spouse and Children below 21 years of age to hold Golden Citizenship for 5 years along with the applicant.
  • No minimum stay conditions required to renew/retain the visa.
  • The option to apply for the Green Card after 7 years of Residency.
  • Quick processing, usually takes about 40 days to issue the Residency Card.
  • The Most Affordable Residency in the whole of Europe.

Only Condition of the Programme:

The Applicant is required to retain the property for 10 years. With no restrictions on how the property is used – personal living or rented by a third person, this is quite a flexible condition.

The Financial Crisis, has it affected the real estate market in Greece?

Since the last 5 years, the Greece Real Estate market has been picking up steadily on the investor sentiment and this did not appear to change during times of Financial Crisis as well. Based on this recent past and the ongoing foreign investor inflows, it is safe to assume that this upbeat trend will continue to dominate the Greece Real Estate scene for alteast the times to come.

The Greece Legacy

A History That Emanates Art & Beauty

The Greek economy developed rapidly in the 1960s, slowly making its way to the centre of European and worldwide economic developments. A major turning point for the economy was its accession to the European Economic Community, in an attempt to create a common market.

After the treaty was signed in 1962, Greece registered peak growths of around 11% during 1965-70 riding on strong manufacturing, mainly textile, chemical and metallurgical sectors.

Among others, the Greek invention of antiparochi (“property-swap”) which entailed the concession of construction land to developers in return for a share in the resulting multi-story apartment buildings, was also hailed as a significant breakthrough in the initial real estate market development.

Modern Day Greece

A Culture That Smoothly Makes its way to Your heart

A few things about Greece that will make you want to just visit the country so much more now, than ever.

What Meets The Eye And So Much More

Greece, with its exquisite history carries along the reputation of having a year-round good climate, beautiful architecture and unique culture.

Its acceptance into the EU in 1981 bolstered its economy to great lengths. The country welcomes foreign workers in different roles & capactities. Thanks to a good tourism influx, every year new opportunities are created for businesses & individuals in the hospitality space.

The cost of living in Greece is generally 30% lesser than many other European countries. This can be attributed to import duty free zones such as Rhodes, where Food products are available at extremely low prices. It is safe to anticipate the cost of living going down even further in the forthcoming months as a result of deflation caused by the economic crisis.

Greece has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry days and cool and mild winters. There can be snowfall in some parts of Greece during the winter months, but this is mostly limited to the mountainous regions of the mainland.

The Greek society is noted for the emphasis they put on family cohesion & values. The family members are always supporting each other and also members of the extended family, which is one of the reasons why they have a low crime rate.

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